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Olive Farm with 212 hectares of olive trees in URUGUAY.

Garzón, Uruguay

3.900.000$ USD


Olive farm of 212 hectares in Garzón, URUGUAY. The venture covers 145 effective hectares with a total of 19,079 trees, mostly Arbequina, Coratina and Picual, 15 years old in optimal conditions of development and health. There is space for the implantation of approximately 17,000 additional olive trees or the development of viticulture and livestock farming on the remaining 67 hectares.

Very good access from Route 9. This is an area that at the national and departmental level is giving a great boost to the production of olive groves, vineyards and agro tourism, having great advantages and incentives. The region has high and growing real estate value with potential for agro-tourism development.

Country of moderate hills, with soils that drain extremely well, ideal for growing olive trees and/or vineyards. It has cutwaters for irrigation and permanent ravines. Very good quality indoor jacket. Modern drip irrigation system with potential for up to 40,000 plants. New constructions of excellent quality for the staff: foreman's house, laborer's house, shed. Solar panels and hot water tanks; electrical installation.

Several new oil mills in the area offer possibilities for marketing and processing crops.

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Info about the estate

  • Estate surface:

    212 ha524 ac

  • Olive grove surface:

    149 ha368 ac

  • Number of olive trees:


  • Irrigation:


  • Organic:


  • Olive varieties:


Infographic of the area

Arbosana (Portugal)
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